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Test in October

Remember to review your material while processing the information rather than just reading it. DO something – find similarities and differences, relate to other units, or categorize the information are some ways to process.

Here is the answer key for the SL review pack.

Here is the answer key for HL (please note there are answers for questions that are not included)

Kinetics – how fast can we go?

Welcome to grade 12 Chemistry.

We are starting with Kinetics, which is chapter 6 in your textbook (and in your shiny new study guide book). As of Sept 11 you are expected to be able to answer the questions in your text book at the end of ch. 6. Additionally you could try the study guide questions as well.

The answers to the text book questions are here

There is a nice set of notes on this topic 6 here, from Dulwich college.


Here is a file on activation energy