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Answers to review questions on Chapter 5

In addition to your textbook, there are some additional questions from another text, on a handout from class.

Here are the answers to the questions on that handout (some may recognize some of them from quizzes)

There is also a set of questions on the Google+ community on Energetics, with answers. Be aware that some of the questions have sections that cover other topics (because they are from past exams, that cover the whole course) so if you encounter something you have not studied, just skip that part for now.

For the HL questions from class the answers are here.

Energetics – your choice lab

Alright, DP Chemists, now is your chance to collect your own data and show off how awesome your analysis is….

Here is your task. We will collect data next lesson, and you will have Friday’s class to finish your data collection and write the evaluation. ¬†You will submit your work on Turnitin.com before class on Monday the 10th.