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Chemical reactions and kinetics

Dear DP chemists,

You have three double lessons this week while I am in Taiwan, to work on the following:

  1. Read chapter 6 and 1 in your text book. How will you take notes?
    1. what are the main ideas?
    2. what ideas are new to you?
    3. How do these ideas relate to each other?
    4. How does the information in these sections relate to what we have already learned? (see video on whether enthalpy of a reaction is related to rate)
  2. Note and learn (quizlet?notebook? or ?) new vocabulary, including :
    1. melting (point)
      freezing (point)
      boiling (point)
    2. Mole (mol)
      Avogadro’s constant (L or NA)
    3. Theoretical yield
      Limiting reagent
      Percentage yield
      Avogadro’s law
      Ideal gas
    4. kinetic theory
      collision theory
      rate of reaction
      surface area
      activation energy, Ea
      Maxwell-Boltzmann curve
      alternative pathway
  3. Practice questions and problem solving
    1. See video series on kinetics (Collision theory) if you would like. Some Questions on Chapter 6 are here for collision theory and here for rates
      1. the answers are here and here
    2. Some videos and links to questions for part one of stoichiometry have been posted on Ms Winslade’s blog here please go and work through the ideas, and post on IB chemistry Google+ as suggested. If you can’t get onto the Google+, go see Ms Winslade in room 313. She will help you out.
    3. For a second part of stoichiometry there is another post here for you to work through too.

Are you done all the above? woohoo! You have used your class and homework time effectively this week.  Nice!

Wishing for more? Further optional worksheets are here:

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