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Kinetics experiment

We are going to do the experiment on kinetics today.

This is the table we are going to use for collecting the whole class results. Notice there are TWO tabs (at the bottom) : one for Concentration and one for Temperature.

Once it is complete, you will need to make a copy for yourself, and then you can answer all the questions at the bottom of the lab sheet.


Chemistry Dec 2 – finishing calculations

DP Chem 11

You should

  1. compare your final values for concentration of the diluted vinegar solutions (to each other) and see if they are similar, comment if not
  2. Switch note books with someone you did not work with and see if you can understand the calculations/work done (and offer feedback/suggestions for improvement/clarity if needed)
  3. Watch this interesting recent video relating last unit to acid and base solutions.

  1. Read section of text book in Chapter one (again, if you have already) titled “the concentration of a solution can be determined by volumetric analysis” (p 49-51 in HL book) paying close attention to the worked examples. Maybe try to cover the answer up, and do them, then check?
  2. Do exercises 64-71 and any two of the Challenges. Should also try practice questions at the end of the chapter, #12-14, and #20, 21.