DP chemistry class Monday Jan 9th 2017

Welcome to Chemistry at YIS, Mirai! I am sure the class will make you welcome and help you find an HL text book (at the back of M313 or M 310). I am sorry I am not in school this week.

Reminder: Test on Material so far (topics 1, 5, 6, 11.1, 11.2 plus 15, 16 for HL) coming soon.

What to do today:

Task one: (5 minutes)

From Energetics and Kinetics topics, think of all the experiments and demonstrations. In a small group or pair, make a list on a white board. Look around at others and add to your list as needed. Take a photo to keep for next lesson. Think about these topics while you complete your work today. 

Task 2: (about 20-25 minutes)

What is the IA criteria “Exploration” looking for?

Read the Criteria, and some of the information about it from the IB.

Individually, read the three lab reports posted here and, using the rubric on the Criteria sheet (above), assess each one for the Exploration criterion.

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab 3

Task 3:(about 20 minutes)

Find a triplet (get in groups of 3) and compare your assessments of all three reports. What did you agree on/disagree about? What did the students do well? What not so well? What is missing/could be done differently?What is really good and worth doing again/keeping? 

(Remember for this task, you are only considering the Exploration part of the report). 

Task 4: (10 minutes)

In your group of 3, make a list of what should be in a good Exploration. Make it clear and concise. It can be a checklist, a TSC, a diagram, or any other format that is helpful. 

Task 5: (15 minutes)

Discuss as a class and record (can someone please volunteer to record) the class list/summary of what should be in a good Exploration (on the board? Using a google doc?) Make sure everyone gets/can access a copy.

(Here is a version we used in previous class, if you would like an example of what it could look like)

You will need to use this next class.

Remainder of the time:

Work on review material.

Choice of Textbook questions at the end of topics 1 (except gasses), 5, 6, 11.1 or 11.2,  or HL 15 or 16.1

Also try any of:

Reading and summarizing this SL kinetics note (some problems included)

The questions on rates of reactions from long ago that you may not have done, and the answers

quizlet for vocabulary review


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