Wednesday Jan 11th class

  1. Open and review Exploration document you created last class

2. Look over your list of experiments and labs on energetics and kinetics. THink of reactions or situations where you would like to control the timing of the reaction.

3. Do some research on the internet and in the lab books from M313 (ask a student to collect them from Ms. WInslade in M313) and find an experiment related to kinetics (or energetics if you can’t find anything related to kinetics) that you think would be interesting and that you could adapt to something local/personal.

A classic example is making a clock reaction and finding how the timing varies with concentration of one reactant, to make a calibration curve so that you can ‘set’ a reaction to change colour at exactly a particular time, so that a series of reactions can be set to change colour in time to a piece of music.

4. After you find an interesting experiment, you need to find THREE reliable methods. Read them. Try to picture what they are saying to do. Think about the quantities.

5. Choose and determine your variables (Ind, Dep, and controls) (This may involve some research, and maybe looking at equipment or trying some things (like, how much water fits in one test tube?)

6. Decide what you would likely do, with reasons (think of safety, environmental issues, good number of trials, etc)..

7. Now, write your EXPLORATION only.

Sources must be given in MLA format. (sources for background, methods, and anything else you look up, eg. background chemistry of the reaction).

You have this class and next class to do this task. You need to finish your exploration at the end of next lesson. You should attach a copy of the list/plan you came up with in your group for “what makes a good Exploration” so that I can see you used it. 

You can share it with me on a google doc.

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