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SNow day for Grade 6 science

Dear grade 6,

Magic extension! Please bring your finished poster to class on Friday, and we will print them at the start of the lesson. So, you have until Friday to get it done. I am looking forward to seeing your excellent work on these Forces and backpacks posters.

On Friday we have a quiz on forces. Here is a review sheet for you to work on today. I think it should take about 20-30 minutes, if you have your notes. If not, you could check out this website for some help.

I will give you the answer key in homeroom tomorrow morning. You can write the answers in your notebook or on any paper you have at home.

Stay safe but maybe you can enjoy the snow near you! Good thing you came up with an idea in homeroom for what to do if you got a surprise snow day! I hope your wish comes true.

Cooling curve of an unknown

What is that stuff, anyway?

How do we determine which white stuff is which? One way to tell pure substances apart is by their properties such as melting point or boiling point.
In the lab we have a bunch of white substances that are solid at room temperature. Can you tell which one you have?

Here are some instructions for this experiment.

Here is the TSC or rubric for grading this task. This is a summative assessment.

Grade 6 Experiments that matter…

Time to practice your Bunsen burner skills!
Here is your first experiment this year. You can download a copy of this document, save it as “Your last name, first Name, Change of state Lab” and then complete the missing parts.

We will work on this in class. You may need to finish your graph at home if you run out of time.

Lab Safety

Welcome to a year of fun in the lab. How do you think we can have a great year but still be safe?

What suggestions would you have for Mr Bean?