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Test in October

Remember to review your material while processing the information rather than just reading it. DO something – find similarities and differences, relate to other units, or categorize the information are some ways to process.

Here is the answer key for the SL review pack.

Here is the answer key for HL (please note there are answers for questions that are not included)

Organic chem last task

Here is a link to the last task for now. 🙂 This is a google doc, feel free to copy it for yourself and use it as a template for your work.

This task is to write an introduction and method for a lab. I am expecting about 2 hours of work or so. (An hour or so in class, an hour out of class…) (Plus or minus a bit, depending on how excited you get about research).

You will turn it in through The class code is 9724897, and the password is Harrison. You were all supposed to have a class to work on this, but Friday’s lesson is taken up by the concert. I’ve made this due on Friday April 3rd. If this is impossible for you, please let me know asap.

Otherwise there is no expectation of any work over the holiday. Relax!

Space – the final frontier

Where are we in the Universe? How do we know? How do we measure distances and account for planetary motion?

Welcome to our very small blue dot of a planet in the vastness of space.

How far are we from the Sun? How long would it take to get to Neptune? How far away is the Moon?

Take a look with this cool simulation!

(You can check out Bill Nye’s model of this too, or another man’s version here)

Afterwards, we will discuss some ideas about travelling through space.

Then, we will take a look at this orbital simulator that plots the motion of planets and gives you data on them. CLICK THROUGH THE TUTORIAL FIRST. We will work in teams to answer the questions at the end.

More motion activities in Grade 9

In the next two classes you will complete two activities : one is an online simulation and the other is a live lab with motion sensors, trolleys and ramps.

Here is the link to the motion sensors instructions, and here is the simulation activity.

Pairs for the trolley activity on Monday:
Alina and Ahnaf
Julia and Joe
Megan and Marlon
Krista and Tsuyoshi
Alex and Cole

Pairs for the trolley activity on Thursday
Margot and Mario
Anna and Jem
Sumin and Sukran
Miu and James
Rika and Zerric