4H Wk1 Review

We have 15 students in 4H this year. 5 girls and 10 boys.

Compass Points, Class Agreements & YIS Values

  • We want to make the 4th Grade better than ever! We watched Kid President and Minions to come up with our agreements. We did this by thinking what our agreements would look like in the library, classroom, home, cafeteria nad the playground. We think these will work well

Math Thinking – Four 4’s & Number/Pattern/Colour

  • We had to use one number (4) to find answers from 0 to 20 using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and some of us used fractions.

Questions – Open & Closed

  • We talked about open and closed questions ¬†and had to sort different questions into these groups.

Narrative Writing

  • We used a picture to write a story by ourselves

Our thoughts of Grade 4

  • I think it will be great, fun and exciting.
  • I think it will be more challenging than last year.
  • I worry that the home learning is going to be harder than last year.

4H Wk1