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My name is Miss Josie and I come from Sydney, Australia. Before arriving in Japan last year, I lived in Beijing, China for 8 years. I taught Grade 4 last year at YIS (you might have seen me around school if you were here), Grade 3 at WAB for 5 years and Grade 5 for 2 years at BIBS. Before that, I taught English to adults in Beijing for 1 year.

I came to Japan with my husband, Terry, who works in Tokyo and my 12 year old pug, Oscar. You will get to know more about Oscar in class as he often needs help with mathematic problems he faces. I love living in Japan and continue to be excited to travel and experience as much of it as I can…………especially the food! Oishi-desu ne!


DSC06438Before teaching, I worked in fashion helping to design, manufacture (make) and sell jewellery and accessories (belts and bags) in Sydney, Australia. I still love fashion, but it was nowhere near as rewarding as teaching and working in schools.




I can’t wait to meet you all and the rest of the 2016/17 Grade 4 community.


Miss Josie


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