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MS/HS English and Grade 8A Tutor Group

G7 Author Study: Sandra Cisneros

Once you’ve completed the language task, you are to do an author study on Sandra Cisneros, author of our last unit: The House on Mango Street.

Find information on the following:

  • personal history
  • professional history
  • style of writing
  • any information that you think is relevant/interesting that should be noted.

All information needs to fit on one A4 side of paper (just like you did for Morris Gleitzman).

You may use your own choice of layout (in Pages/Word: brochure, newsletter, poster, news report) as long as there is a good balance of text and images.

Document your sources on the back (

Have your work carefully edited and printed out for next lesson, Thursday 16th May.


Let’s talk about….

1. SEXuality is not only about biology and science, but also about social, emotional, and behavioral differences that occur throughout life. Learning about sexuality involves learning about ALL of these things.

Adolescence and Puberty: Adolescence literally means becoming an adult. It means that you are moving from the thoughts, feelings, body, and relationships of a child to an adult’s thoughts, feelings, body, and relationships. Although we think of adolescents as teenagers, some people begin this time of change as early as 9 or 10.

Puberty is when our body changes physically and mentally from being that of a child to that of an adult. Our reproductive organs begin to work like those of an adult, and we start to look, think, and feel in new and different ways.

2. Puberty is a period of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that occurs when your body is going from being a child to an adult.

Physical: Growth spurt, hair growth, boys become more muscular, girls develop breasts and change in shape, menstruation, etc. (note: you don’t need to go into great detail on physical changes at this point since you will elaborate later in the lesson)

Emotional: relationship with parents may become more challenging; relationship with peers changes as we try to figure out  who our real friends are and who we want to associate with; romantic relationships begin to develop; peer pressure; approval of others

Behavioral: Ability to think about and learn about new topics; ability to debate about issues in a more sophisticated way; trying to form an identity and express it; dating; hanging out in peer groups including the opposite sex; more responsibilities; driving; sense of responsibilities for one’s own actions and how they affect others. Some scientists think that the teenage brain is immature and such that it often makes the individual take on risk behaviors.

3. Everyone matures at a different rate. The time at which you begin to change, how you change, and in which order the changes happen varies from person to person.

4. Hormones are responsible for the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty.

G8 Exams

Don’t forget to read and study notes on argumentative writing (yellow sheets!) and descriptive writing (greem sheets).

Also, click here to see sample questions, the study guide and the TSC.


G7 Exams

Don’t forget to read through the sample exam we discussed in class. Pay attention to what is being asked from you. Do you need to give 1 example or 3? Should you answer in full sentences or only use a quotation?

Also, check out this link for the study guide, revision task and TSC. Scroll down to Grade 7.


G6 Exams

Please read through this document to help you prepare for your English exams.

Don’t forget to check out this link to see:

  • how you be assessed
  • practice exam
  • formal words



Think before you post, before you comment, before it’s too late…

As a follow-up from last week’s animated discussions, in your tutor blog, please copy and answer these questions:

1.  Are there certain ideas, or social messages, that influence the kinds of photos that girls typically post? How might these attitudes affect the kinds of photo comments girls post amongst themselves?

2. Are there certain ideas, or social messages, that influence the kinds of photos that guys typically post? How might these attitudes affect the kinds of photo comments guys post amongst themselves?

3. Are people aware of their online images? Do they try to make themeslves look certain ways? Why or why not?

4. Do we have different expectations for how girls and guys should look or act online? If so, where do we learn these attitudes? If not, why not?

5. How aware are you of how you comment on other people’s photos? Do you think this differs for guys and girls?

And remember: Think before you post, before you comment, before it’s too late..!

Fri 19th April: 6C exam preparation

For those that have finished their news report on the Art exhibition, please exchange your notebook with a student and read each other’s news reports. Take time to proof read each other’s work.

For those that haven’t finished, please work on your report!

Then, go to my home page on my blog and scroll down to MS Exams Grade 6 – and read the study guide.

Fri 19th April: 7C exam preparation

1. To help you prepare for the English exam, please read “The Iron Woman” and answer the questions in full sentences in your  your notebook. Also, use your neatest handwriting! The reading passage and questions are in the green book (Literacy Objectives) on pages 63-66.

2. When you have finished, carefully proof read your descriptive passage that was due yesterday. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Then, underline phrases that you think are effective and help the reader to understand your work.

3. If you finish before the end of the lesson, you may continue reading your book. Pay attention to how the author has used descriptive language in his/her writing.

Fri 19th April: 8A exam preparation

1. Use the framework in the  yellow worksheet to help you plan your persuasive/argumentative essay.
Choose one topic from below to write about:
  • School uniforms should be worn at YIS
  • Technology should be used in less in class.
Use discourse markers (linking words-last page from the yellow worksheet) to help you organise your writing. Handwrite the essay.
2. When you have finished your draft, go to my home page on my blog and scroll down to MS Exams Grade 8 – and read the study guide. Then, read through the other notes below the study guide.
3. You may read for the last 15 minutes of the lesson.

G8A Tutor Grp: Making Good Decisions

Questions for discussions
How do I make safe choices?
  • What choices/definitions are you faced with now that are different to your experiences in grade 6 and 7?
  • Do your parents have a right to monitor your use of the Internet, including the web sites visited and the people you are chatting with online?
Let’s go to the roof top and have an open discussion….