Grade 8 Science exam review

The G8 Science exam will be on Thursday May 5th during P 1and 2. 8C will be in M311.

The exam will include ideas from the metals and acids units.  Specifically, students should know the traits of metals and the reactions of metals and acids.  All other questions will be based on investigative skills.  These would include the following:

  • Describing a research question
  • Identifying and manipulating experimental variables (independent, dependent and controlled)
  • Organizing data into tables with appropriate titles, labels and units.
  • Constructing graphs of data again with appropriate titles, labels, units and trend lines.
  • Analyzing graphs and trend lines.
  • Interpret data and describe results using scientific reasoning
  • Making appropriate calculations with the data
  • Assessing reliability of results

Students will be given practice questions to review.  We will go through these in class.

If you need to review the answers they are here.

Second set of practice questions.

Answers to second set of practice questions.

G8 Circuit electricity

Longman Physics: Electrical Circuits

Lab 1 worksheet: Measuring electron flow in a simple circuit and using an analogy to explain what is happening with energy.

Lab 2 worksheet: Measuring current in series and parallel circuits.

Lab 3 worksheet.  Measuring resistance and voltage in series and parallel circuits.

Criterion D assessment: Use and Disposal of Batteries

Batteries Task

The due date for this task is Tuesday May 24th.