Science fair week: cover work

This is the cover work set for this week, when as you know I’ll be away with G11 on expeditions:

Tuesday Day 4

P5&6 G8 – M311

You will need to finish preparing for science fair during this class. Following your science fair exhibit plan. If your group requested materials, then the technician san will have prepared these.

(remember that if you are doing an experiment and the supervising teacher does not think your exhibit work is safe, then you will need to cut that part out of your project)

You might need to practice either a short experiment/ demonstration, speech or finish a poster. Work quietly in your pair/group as this is the last double period of class time you will have to prepare before science fair on Thursday.

Thursday Day 6

P5&6 G8 – M311

P5 – Today in this period you can practice and set up for science fair. You will not be able to move to your science fair room until P6, but you can prepare your exhibit and practice your presentation in the time available.

P6 science fair: All students will go to their assigned rooms and follow the science fair overview. If you are first on the list in a room then you present first.


P5&6 G8 – M311 (One period only as from P6 onwards it is red and white)

Today you can either take home your science fair materials (not acids/metals/equipment supplied by school) or you can dismantle and recycle/dispose of any posters/exhibits. Each group should also print and complete the science fair review sheet and hand in a copy of this to the cover teacher at the end of period 5.


Metals unit

Here is the metals presentation

Criterion D metals: Building a better bicycle TSC

Criterion D scaffold help sheet

Criteria B&C metals: the effects of acids on metals

Criterion A metals test: Test review questions to try

Science fair exhibit help sheet

Here is the schedule for classes until spring break. The week before spring break I will be on expeditions with grade 11 so this schedule includes the work you need to do on that week for science fair.

Grade 8 science fair plans: use this form to enter your final choice of project for science fair.

Snow day!!

Hello 8R: As you know school is cancelled today so you have some science e-learning work to do.

First, the test set for today is postponed until Thursday January 25th (your next class).

So you have some more time for review!

Today, continue to work through your review guide and analyse more of the ocean acidification sources.

Remember that the criterion D questions will test you ability to outline and analyse the causes, problems and solutions associated with ocean acidification so keep this in mind when analysing your sources.

If you can add some of your own review to the A & D review guide then that would be great, but this is optional.

I hope you can enjoy the snow and email me if you have any questions.