Cover work G11- P3&4

Grade 11 – HL only.

  1. Make notes on the factors that limit photosynthesis.  You can do this in pairs and then share the notes you make. The factors are light, CO2 concentration and temperature. The notes should show a graph for each factor. The graphs should be annotated to explain the effect of the factor on the chlorophyll/rate of photosynthesis within the plant. Compare these graphs with the ones for enzymes in Topic 3. Why are they similar? Basic notes and shapes of the graphs are in your study guide.
  2. You have your final exam coming up, so for HL that will include Topic 7, 8 and 9. Please start making review notes for these and a vocabulary list!


Cover work Periods 1&2: Monday 16th 11B

11B – 12 x HL students only. (SL study hall)

Please print and work through these exam questions for Topic 9 on the material covered so far. These should help you prepare for the T9 test that will be on Friday January 27th.

For this test you can use a “cheat sheet”, this is one A4 side of material that you can use during the test.  Anything can go on the sheet, but it should be hand written, not word-processed.

Start making your sheet with any time you have left this lesson.

(we will finish the last part of the topic next lesson and go through the answers to the practice questions).

Here is the plant science powerpoint that goes with the topic to help with your revision