G10 mock – Biology

Just a reminder of what’s happening next week for your 3 mock papers:

Paper 1 is a multiple choice exam and will cover all the work you have done since the beginning of grade 9. You will take this paper in class on Wednesday February 15th the day you return from ski break.

Paper 3 and Paper 6 will be taken on Friday  17th February as detailed in your mock exam schedule.

The biology part of the exam includes all grade 9 & 10 work up to and including reproduction.

Students that joined in Grade 10 will take a modified exam that only contains work covered this year. For students who joined part-way through this year, you should attempt as much of the exam as you can.

On Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th I will be available after school for questions/review in M311.

Good luck with your review. If you get really stuck on an area, email and I will try to help.



G11 Homework: Friday 25th November

For Tuesday 29th: (You will have one double lesson to help you finish this  – 11A Tuesday, 11B Monday – SL students do not need to come to this lesson if they are confident they can hand in by the end of Tuesday)

DCP/CE for the SA:vol ratio experiment.

Results: You need to present your results in a table and draw a graph or other suitable diagram to show your processed data.

Don’t forget to include units/uncertainties and suitable titles throughout.

Conclusion/Evaluation: Relate your results to the role of SA:vol relationships in limiting cell size. Remember to reference any material you find to support your ideas.

G11 Field Studies last minute reminders

Remember to check the time you need to be at the station and please be there in good time. Times are detailed on the Field Studies presentation posted on this blog. Also remember to bring something to eat on the train as we will not have any time to buy anything in Nagoya.

For those unsuccessfully trying to sign up for cycling: The link was removed on Friday afternoon as we needed to print lists to take away. We will try to accommodate as many people who did not manage to sign up as we can on the day.