Written Task 1 ‘Playlist’

  1. Select which topic that we have studied as a class that you find interesting.
  2. Choose which learning outcome(s) from that relevant section of the course.  Not all topics are relevant to all learning outcomes – be careful here.
  3. Find a primary source to base your creative response on.  In the literature parts of the course this will be the texts we read; in the language parts it will be a non-fiction text (ideally).  You could choose a text we have explored in class or another that is relevant to the topic.
  4. Analyse the primary source.  What are the key issues being raised in the text?  What key concepts / terms (from the unit) does it relate to?  Remember this is an English class!  Keep a close focus on the significance of language.
  5. Brainstorm at least three text types that you could write which would show critical thinking in response to this text.  The choice should be as authentic and relevant as possible.  (Talking about music?  Write an article in a particular music magazine!)  You must not write an essay (often, blogs and articles can be written as thinly disguised essays).
  6. Find an example(s) of the text you want to create.  Analyse it!  Look closely at the language / textual features and the effect on the audience.  Use ‘The Big 5’ as a tool as well (Audience/Purpose; Content/Theme; Stylistic Devices; Structure/Layout).  The more closely you can imitate / emulate the features of this text type, in a specific context, the better.
  7. Plan and write your text!  Don’t forget to proofread / edit (preferably aloud when you get the chance to catch awkward expression).  Remember: 800-1000 words.
  8. Finally, write your rationale, 200-300 words.

–       Place your written task in a particular context, so the reader can understand your aims better
–       Explain the task’s purpose and target audience
–       Explain / justify your choice of text type: why was this text type/context a suitable choice?
–       Explain the connection between the task and your course content (topic): How was your particular example relevant to one of the topics we explored in class?


* Written task 1 (HL) information

 * Written task 1 (HL) rubric

* Written task 1 (HL) proposal sheet

Due dates (also on Veracross):

First draft: Tuesday 29 Oct (first week back after holidays)
Fina draft: Wednesday 6 Nov (second week back after holidays)

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