G12 Language and Literature: Preparing for Paper 1…

Next week we will have our final summative assessment for part one of the course: an in-class paper 1 comparative analysis practice exam.

To prepare, complete the following activities:

1) Read pages 56-57 and 61-66 if your textbook (Philpot, B’s ‘English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma’).

2) Complete activity 2.10 on page 67.  Make a note of these cohesive ties / linking terms – they will definitely help you to write a successful analysis essay.

3) Look at the example texts on the photocopy (handed out in class on Monday 18 November).  Analyse, annotate, make notes.  If you were going to compare and contrast these texts in an exam, what aspects would you talk about?  Which parts of the text would you use as illustration?  How would you structure your piece?  Make all necessary highlights and notes.

4) Have a go at writing a practice essay.  Normally, you would get a whole 2 hours.  However as we will be completing this in class next week you will only have 90 minutes.  (Pre-reading and analysis done for homework).

5) Look at a sample essay (available from me) and assess using the rubrics.  Then compare your assessment with that of an examiner.

Preparation complete!  As we are completing FOAs this week in class preparation time will be limited so you will need to start this process as homework this week.  Next Tuesday we will do step number 5 as a class (feel free to start as soon as you are ready though!), and we will do the exam on Wednesday morning.

Good luck!

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