Process for implementing blended learning

I am approaching the end of my Coursera blended learning course, and now it is time to put the theory into action!

Here is the process that was recommended.  It is based on three models of innovation and design, mainly:  ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Lean Startup’ and ‘Discovery-Driven Planning.’

–       1) Get clear on objectives (focus should be on learning, not the technology)

–       2) Decide how to measure results (not just test scores or quantitative data, can also look at time, student engagement, qualitative observation from peers or using a camera; student voice feedback)

–       3) Commit to action (not just a theory – get you hands dirty and try with students!)

–       4) Create mini-tests (like the ‘minimum viable product’ in business – a quick, cheap easy way to test out a part of something before doing the whole thing; prototyping, small batch testing)

–       5) Collect feedback (test scores, observations (another teacher or camera to monitor what happens; also focus groups and surveys from students)

–       6) Keep iterating (look at what worked and do more; looked at what didn’t and either address the concern or back away; continue this process!)

At the moment I am just beginning step 2.  After having decided my goals (I want to use ideas of dynamic grouping and mastery to effectively differentiate for the students: identify students who need particular help on a certain topic while creating a ‘challenge playlist’ for the advanced students to extend their learning on a particular topic.  I need to decide how to collect the data on this…

Work in progress!

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  1. good story I like this, thank you, technology is developing and do you feel better when you succeed in doing that especially making this story?

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