G7 research assignment – organising our findings

Today, we discussed basic beginning-middle-end structures of texts.  We outlined the need for:

– a clearly defined overall topic
– a thesis about the main topic (main or important idea about the topic)
sub-topics, or categories for information, that relate back to this main topic.

We then used pie graphs to think about our categories. We found that our research questions were a good way to help us create this sub-topics. Following this, we then thought about a logical order for these ideas. We found that:

* basic, general facts often come first
* details become more specific as we progress through the text
* there is often an influence of time/chronology; events are put in a chronological order
* the conclusion of something (or end of an event) often comes at the end… fancy that!

We then applied this process to our own topics.  Here is what our focus groups came up with:

Finally, we examined some magazine articles, looking for elements of content, organisation and style/language.  Here are our deconstructions:

Criterion (A) Content:
– pictures
– graphs
– maps
– interesting anecdotes / stories
–  quotes from famous people

Criterion (B) Organisation:
– big title
– sub-headings
– captions for pictures
– some indented quotes or important lines of text, written in a big box
– beginning, middle and end

Criterion (C) Style and Language Use:
– proper nouns (names of people and places)
– mix of first person and third person; sometimes there was a personal point of view, other times it was more distant
– different points of view
– noun phrases (complicated sounding words)
– present and past tense verbs (though we thought past tense would be more useful for us in this assignment)


12 thoughts on “G7 research assignment – organising our findings

  1. 1) What thing I already knew about organising research findings and/or organising magazine articles

    2) One thing I learned about organising research findings and/or organising magazine articles

  2. I already knew some basic organisation things about an article such as a good layout has big pictures to catch the readers attention. But I did learn about thinking about your sub-topics and planning what order they will be in.

  3. 1 thing that I already knew about organising magazine article was the order to build the article.

    1 thing that I learnt was that you can use the pie chart to build the order of the article.

  4. I knew that when you write an organised magazine article, you need to use paragraphs when you have a different topic to talk about.
    One thing I learned new today was that pictures are placed at places where it won’t disturb the readers which are reading the text and trying to look at the pictures after they finish reading the text.

  5. I already knew that my language in my article should be formal and clear. And if I can use one word to replace 5. For example “He was very excited and happy about the news and could not believe it”, can be replaced with “He was stoked about the news”.

    One thing I learned however is that don’t put it random owner. I’ve always just put the topics. But now I know I should make the topics flow into another, lead the horse into the water.

  6. 1) I already knew in organising research finding that there is a beginning, middle and end and that a beginning usually presents the topic, the middle describes the topic in detail with categories, and an ending is the conclusion.

    2) I learned about organising research findings that laying out how the magazine article will be presented is important and should be planned before.

  7. 1) One thing I already knew was how to organize a magazine article, because I used to read magazine articles in class often.
    2) I learned that you can use a pie chart to lay out your article and order it with numbers.

  8. I knew that when you organsie an article you need to break it up like paragraphs with sections
    .THe one thing I learned was that its good to put a subtitle after pictures to make things more clear

  9. 1) Before class I knew that a magazine has maps, pictures and graphs.

    2) I thing that I learned was that in a article you could have different perspectives.

  10. What I already knew is there is a lot more writing than pictures.
    What I learned is that you can put a pic or map in the middle of the writing.

  11. One thing that I already knew about this was: if you start with something surprising like a nice picture where you are going to write about.

    One thing that I learned is that make a planning for a text good. That is good if have in steps what you’re going to write.

  12. 1) Before coming to class, I already knew that having a list of topics I need to write about would help me figure out which pieces of information I would need.

    2) One thing I learned is that having a magazine plan could really help me figure out how many pages/pictures/pieces of text I would need.

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