“Poetry or Prose?” Intro to our new unit on poetry

Today we started out fourth unit in grade 11 language and literature.  This unit addresses part 4 of the language and literature course syllabus and is entitled ‘Literature: critical study.’

We will examine the poetry of Seamus Heaney and investigate why people choose to write poems, or even write narratives poetically.  What actually makes English poetic?  These are some of the questions that will drive our inquiry.

To begin, read the unit outline posters below and post your ‘tentative thesis’ to the unit questions in the comments section below. Consider the ideas of your peers as well.

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16 thoughts on ““Poetry or Prose?” Intro to our new unit on poetry

  1. Poetry is something that is written to express ones emotions/feelings and it contains some kind of structure/rhythm with literary devices such as imagery, symbols, metaphors, etc.

  2. Poetry is a text in which words are expressed to give emotion in a figurative manner with a specific style of language, and at the same time having a specific rhythm. Elements that make the English language poetic is the use of literary techniques and the figurative language to convey meaning.

  3. I think that poetry is any kind of literary text that speaks in a non direct way to the reader (you can interpret anything in the text).
    The english language is poetic because many words in the english language have more than one meaning and the meaning of the word changes depending on what the the sentence is trying to convey.

  4. Poetry is writing in which ideas and feelings are expressed through figurative language and the use of literary devices such as imagery, metaphor, simile, repetition and rhyme.

  5. The English language is made poetic when observance of the world around or within us is done and recorded from a unique or utterly, surprisingly simple perspective. This perspective we normally do not pay attention to, thus failing to notice the things seen from such perspective. The perspective is usually newly gained, artistic, and it might even be just re-examining the perspective you already had.It is then expressed in an artistic way, commonly using figurative styles, and rhetoric techniques such as metaphors and similes.

  6. What is poetry?
    Poetry is a form of literature which usually implies a deeper meaning than a prose form of literature. It often has a defined structure, and uses rhythm, imagery, symbolism and other literary devices in order to convey the message.

    What makes the English language poetic?
    The use of literary devices help to make the English language ‘poetic’. For example, saying “I feel like a cat this morning” is more ‘poetic’ than saying “I am sleepy”. Also the rhythm and flow creating the unorthodox voice is used often to make the literature ‘poetic’ in a sense.

  7. Poetry is the language that used literary devices to bring forward ideas. In poetry, devices such as rhymes, metaphors, similes, alliterations and many others are used to make the readers imagine the scene and emotions through imagery. The English language itself is not considered poetry, but it is possible to use it to make a poetic text.

  8. I think Poetry is a form of writing where feelings, thoughts, and ideas are expressed using a unique structure and style of text. Poetry uses rhythms, connotations, symbols, and imageries to convey thoughts in indirect ways, or in more detailed images. Some poetry has a defined structure which can add rhythmical flow. I think poetry can be analysed to find out the hidden messages.

  9. I think that poetry is when different literary devices and structure are used to convey a deeper message or idea, and when there is symbolic meaning to the language used. I think that the literary devices that can be used, such as imagery or metaphor, and the sounds and rhythm of the language makes English poetic.

  10. Poetry is a language to communicate things like your feelings and emotion through literary works.
    I think that the use of structure, imagery and metaphors are the main aspects of poetry.
    Through these devices, the poet would communicate his emotion in different forms.

  11. Poetry- A well structured deep piece of writing that usually has a personal meaning to it at which while writing one you relate your experience symbolically and use a lot of imagery.

    Prose- A casual piece of writing where it is not figurative and where you will speak normally. This piece can show up on Television or on instructions where the writing is straight forward getting right to the point.

  12. Poetry – A rhythmic, concise, structured writing that usually has a deeper meaning. It is more subjective than a prose and can incorporate various literary devices.

    Prose- The language people speak in normally, the way it is written in a novel. It is usually straightforward and more objective.It can also incorporate various literary devices but doesn’t have a well developed structure as a poetry’s structure.

  13. Poetry is a text which mainly focuses on expressing ones views of their surroundings and inner self through rhythmic text. Some people it helps to express feelings, when they are not able to do so in other ways. It has a deeper meaning than other forms of writing and a defined structure. It is a way of Art.

  14. What actually makes English poetic?
    In both text works written in narrative/prosaic language and in poetic language, there is always a profound adage/moral hidden within the story, which is often not obvious and understandable to the audience and such communication is done throughout the usage of literary devices as well as writing techniques that involve unique structures. However, the difference between those two types of text works differ from one another, to the point that poetry works are more likely to be in the midway of song lyrics and narrative writing. An author of a poetry writer will be more likely to consider each word with more importance, and therefore can conclude the work piece with less word count. On the contrary, prosaic writing may include words that can be considered unnecessary, such as words that connect a sentence clause with a clause, and is more focused on making sure that it delivers the author’s image correctly to the audience with direct inferring, as where poets will leave the audience to come up with their own images amongst the poem.

  15. Poetry is a literary art which includes (or uses) theory of art and rhythm of the language.

    There are various reasons which makes the English language poetic and one of them are the rhythms and the rhymes. For example what I did there. “Rhythm and rhymes” has a good rhythm and it is because it kind of rhymes with “Lemon and limes” which is a good example of rhythm in the English Language. Also, imagery is important. I think poetry should make us feel how the poet is feeling.

  16. Poetry is what knowledge and thoughts collected throughout their lives summed up in words. The translation from ideas to language.

    Several ways of structuring words shapes normal sentences into poetry. Like a magic.

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