Synthesising and organising ideas in literature circles – the 4Cs

Today our four literature circle groups summarised, synthesised, organised and presented their recent learning about their topics that their allocated literature circle texts were based on.

This alternate version of the 4Cs goes as follows.  It is a great routine for cutting through the fog and zeroing in on ideas that are truly important.  It also helps create clear and concise presentations – an essential skill in oral and written communication.

Compile: What main points / facts can you draw together to briefly summarise this topic?

Connections: What connections can you draw between the topic and your own life, other texts, or other learning?
Concepts: What key concepts or ideas do you think are important and worth holding on to?
Changes: What changes in attitudes, thinking, or action are created after learning about this topic, either for you or others?
Have a look at the following presentations.  Do you think we organised and presented our ideas clearly, concisely and effectively?
Group 1: Homeless Children / Orphans in Ethiopia (The Garbage King)
Group 2: Child Abandonment / Orphans in Japan (Nobody Knows)

Group 3: 1979 Vietnamese-Cambodian War (The Clay Marble)

Group 4: Second Sudanese Civil War – 1983-2005 (A Long Walk to Water)

9 thoughts on “Synthesising and organising ideas in literature circles – the 4Cs

  1. i think that the information gathered was good and that people wrote it down well but i think we had a lack of time to practice so none of the groups knew well what to say so they read off the screen which was bad, so i think next time we just have to practice a little more.

  2. I don’t think it was so effective. The main reason is probably that it wasn’t marked so people didn’t try hard at all. In the real assessment or the presentation I think people will try harder.
    I would maybe put one word or a sentence and a picture because I am a visual learner.

  3. I think that there was too much text on the screen. We should’ve just had bullet points for each point, and elaborate them when talking. However I think that most of us understood the point of concepts and sticked to one word concepts only.

  4. I think most of the people had all the information on the screen and no one said everything completely different than the information on the screen. Also, people didn’t have any scripts and we were quite unorganised. Our group especially because we didn’t really practice and didn’t discuss as a group. Next time, we should be more organised by having a main point for each slide and a script.

  5. I think we should of have built points more than text so that the audience won’t look at the screen that much.

  6. I think that what we could have improved on when we presented is that instead of text we could have pictures. Then using our Ipad we could have had some notes on what we would say but the text is not too long.

  7. I think we definitely had too much text on screen. It felt more like reading then talking which is the point of a presentation, to explain something. We didn’t have much interaction with the audience, we only stated or opinion and facts. In the future, we can try to have the most clear and concise points shortened to a few words than trying full on explain every detail we know about a certain topic.

  8. I just listened to the presentations thinking to myself, “I hope he manages to explain this” or, “What’s he saying?”. I think the presentations could have been more clear.

  9. In this presentation, I read the speech from the screen exactly that I didn’t change in to my own word so from next time when I have presentation again, I want to improve this part.

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