Starting to work with themes

Our yearbook theme this year is doodle.  This means we should add some little touches to all our pages to keep the entire yearbook consistent.

Today, we will play around with some different brushes in Photoshop.

Go to this website and check out some of the brushes. Find a set that you like and download them. Then, get doodling! Draw something related to a recently completed page.

To use the file in your InDesign yearbook page, you will probably want to remove the background and save the picture as a .psd file (this means the picture will have a clear background and can be superimposed anywhere on your InDesign page). Use layers to help you with this. [Quick tutorial on cutting out backgrounds is here.]

Drop the file in the same working folder as your InDesign file (with all your other pictures). Then place the image using the ‘frame’ tool just like all the other images.

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