Stereotypes of gangs (intro to The Outsiders)

Year 8 has just kicked off our third unit, which focuses on stereotypes, prejudice, and point of view. We started by brainstorming some ideas that came to mind when we thought about the ‘stereotypical gang’ member. We followed this up by listening to a podcast about Gangs at Harper High in Chicago in order to expand our understanding about what gangs are like. Original lesson and resources are here. Students showed the development of their thinking using the ‘I used to think… Now I think…’ strategy. Some of these ideas are recorded in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Stereotypes of gangs (intro to The Outsiders)

  1. We used to think that you had a choice about if you can join a gang and who you can join. But now we think that there is no other option.

  2. We used to think that joining a gang means doing illegal acts, such as drugs and violence, but now, we think that gangs that do that are only the fraction of all of the gangs. – Haruna, Airi, Rei, Kotaro

  3. Group: LA Gang 8B

    We used to think that you could juts sign up to a gang, and that all gangs were violent drug dealers.
    But now we think that mostly they do not have a choice, and do it out of safety. Plus most of them are not mean people.

  4. We used to think that all the people in gangs were fully committed to their gang and wanted t be a part of it.

    Now we think that some people are forced to join for their own good.

  5. We used to think that being in a gang was an optional choice, but now we know that some people do not want to be gangs and they have no choice, but to join.

  6. Group: Italian Mafia
    We used to think that being a part of a gang was a choice that you make, and its putting yourself and people around you in danger, and if you weren’t around the negative people you could be safe. But now we think that its not always your choice and sometimes everyone around you can be affected by this which makes it near impossible to avoid it.

  7. We used to think that people joined gangs because they wanted to, but know we think that they don’t have a choice to join gangs. They are automatically in a gang for living somewhere. We also used to think that gangs do illegal stuff like drugs and violence but now we think that it’s more of a group you walk with to stay safe.
    – Tsuyoshi, Sayo, Hana E, Max

  8. We used to think that being part of a gang is a usually a bad thing. This is because you would have to do all things that your gang wants you to do.
    Now we think that there are two sides on being part of a gang. This could be a good and a bad thing depending on the actions of the gang. Also it is a good thing because with a gang you can get friends

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