Migrating to Google Sites

For any of my students still following this blog, I will continue to slowly update it so you may continue using it. However, I have started migrating to a Google Site, where you can more quickly and easily navigate the unit slideshows.

You can access the Google Site here.

I would still like to maintain this blog, however, the updates may be a little slow!

5 thoughts on “Migrating to Google Sites

  1. Hi there…I have very much enjoyed accessing your site and gathering ideas for Lang/Lit…your dedication to sharing your resources is amazing.

    I noticed the link to your google site, but when I click on it, it says URL not found… do you think that is a glitch on my end?

    Thank you!

    Kristin Bond
    @readwritemore (on Twitter)

  2. HI Andrew,
    I too cannot access your new Google Site with the link provided as it comes up with “404 site error”


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