Welcome back to YIS – 2016-2017!

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Welcome back to YIS for the 2016-2017 academic year! I hope you all had a restful and refreshing summer break. I am looking forward to seeing all my old students as well as meeting new students – I hope you will all enjoy YIS!

I will be sharing individual student folders with you shortly, which you will use to organise your files and submit work. In the meantime, you might like to bookmark this blog. Also, don’t forget to add the subject share folder to your Google Drive – it is how I share everything with the class so it is really important!

This is a good starting point, but as we work through the year you will need to check out the relevant page for the unit you will be studying. Go:

Choose your class —> Grade X —–> Unit X to find the correct unit page. Units are split into individual lessons, which you can click on the links for. Extra resources are also included on these pages.

I am looking forward to a very exciting year!

Individual oral commentary – suggested workflow

Suggested practice IOC workflow…

1. Print and annotate your focus extract. Consider all the concepts we have learned since Christmas.
2. Figure out how the extract ‘fits in’ to the overall text. How is it important in advancing an overall theme of the book? Craft a statement of theme. This will become your thesis – it will organise your whole IOC! You may like to review the lesson on theme and how to write a statement of theme here.
3. Decide on how many ‘parts’ your IOC will have (like body paragraphs for an essay). You can have body paragraphs for aspects such as symbolism, tone, imagery, figurative language, characterisation, POV etc…). You may like to peruse the overview on my blog for Part 4 of the course to refresh your memory!
4. Sketch out your rough IOC framework using this guide.
5. Record your IOC using Soundcloud and link to this document. Remember – 12-15 minutes!
6. Listen to your recording. You may like to self-assess using the rubric and write a reflection in your reflection and feedback record.
Misc. Remember resources / links available at the Gatsby links page here.
(Ren, Jake and Alex – you will receive your extract number by email on Monday and it will be due Friday!)

Written task combinations (update)

Hi G11! With all the weird combinations of classes combining, people leaving etc… I will give you your free choice of which WT you wish to complete for each part of the course. I have given my recommendations and outlined the possible combinations below. We will write our task for part 4 after the IOC and test week in May, and you can base it on Seamus Heaney poetry, The Great Gatsby or Macbeth. Original lesson, information and resources here. In the meantime, start thinking about which text and which type of WT you would like to complete.

WTboard notes