Personal letters- deconstructing

In class today we have started analysing personal letters in preparation for our upcoming assesment.

We started with a practice analysis, with the improbable scenario of describing an apple to an alien who has never seen one before.  By doing so, we found out that analysing means to ‘break down in order to bring out the essential elements or structure.’


Next, we did the same thing with some examples of personal letters.  Here are the features that we came up with.


Text types – some basic examples

I came across this Prezi when browsing for online resources about text types.  I think it is nicely put-together, and it might be a good place to start looking for ideas if you are given an opportunity for a ‘free choice’ assignment.  (For example, Written task 1 in SL and HL Language and Literature classes).

If you happen to come across more detailed or nuanced resources about text types, I would appreciate the links!

(Sorry – still learning how to embed things like Prezi!)  Maybe this app will help?
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