Assessment and Resources

  • A glossary – some general key terms for all parts of the course
  • Vocabulary – developing a richer tone and mood vocabulary resource
  • Writing tips – eight tips for improving general academic expression
  • SOAPSTone – A strategy for reading and writing


LangLit rubrics HL:

LangLit rubrics SL:

Written Task 1 (SL and HL)

Further Oral Activity

Individual Oral Commentary (IOC)

  • Folder containing resources for the IOC.
  • Overview, important information, tips and tricks. Read this first.
  • More tips and tricks. Read this second.
  • Rubric. Read this next.
  • Visual organiser – use this to visualise how to organise an IOC. Fantastic resource – use it!
  • Some sentence frames / language you can use in your IOC. Learn and use some of these phrases in the lead up to the IOCs.
  • Links to our practice IOCs – we will peer review our practice IOCs. Access the links here.  Use SoundCloud.
  • Poem revision card template. Use this to summarise important points from poems and extracts for later revision.

Paper 1 – Text (HL comparative) analysis

Paper 2 – Critical response essay (literature)

  • Folder with all paper 2 information, questions and samples

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