G8 Tutor Overview

The grade 8 tutor program is divided into five units designed to meet the developing needs of this specific age group.

UNIT ONE – “On The Right Foot!” – Getting Organised

Recording home-learning, scheduling time, creating a positive learning environment, other good study habits.

UNIT TWO – Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Social, physical, academic and emotional risk-taking and self-improvement.

UNIT THREE – Positive Mindsets

The characteristics of positive and mindsets; the lifelong benefits of optimism and resilience and strategies to achieve this.

UNIT FOUR – Making Good Decisions

Issues surrounding teen drug, alcohol and relationships. Good decision-making processes related to these issues.

UNIT FIVE – Human Growth and Development

Puberty, sex and relationships.


We will also periodically revisit earlier topics to revise and monitor study and reflection skills. Preparation time will be given in classes leading up to parent-teacher-student as well we student-led conferences. Time will also be dedicated to reflection writing during reporting periods.

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