Task 2 – Themes in Skellig essay

In class today we started our final task for our unit on Skellig.

First we brainstormed various themes that we thought Skellig explored.  Remember, a theme is a big idea or central topic of importance in a work.  It is often timeless and universal (like a concept), such as ‘love’ and ‘death’.

Next, we brainstormed how to go about planning for this essay.  This is what we came up with:

The tricky part is in figuring out what David Almond was saying about that particular concept.  E.g., ‘knowledge and wisdom’ – where does it come from?  How can it be best acquired?  What examples from the book show us this?

With the process laid out, we began our planning for the essay.  Time will be given in class for this assessment, and the due date is Friday 18 October.  Good luck!

(Resource: TSC for this task can be found in the Google doc share folder)