Key Concept: Perspective

In our first unit for grade 7 English this year we will be using PERSPECTIVE as our key concept. Before we started digging in to this big idea, we had a brief discussion about what we already think we know.

perspectiveFollowing this, we had a look through the following presentation, completing a ‘See: Think’ routine and then added to our earlier ideas.

So in conclusion, we decided that PERSPECTIVE is… how different people see, think and feel about things, depending on their point of view.



Concepts vs. Topics: What’s the Difference?

Today in class we discussed the difference between a concept and a topic.  After some discussion, we came up with the following ideas…


So basically, concepts are big ideas that are timeless, universal, and can relate to many of our subjects at school, whereas topics are more about specific times, people, things and places.

We then had an in-depth discussion about the following image – is Dinosaurs a concept or a topic? Have a look at the drawing and decide…

dinosaur analogy

We decided that as dinosaurs are not timeless, nor universal, they are a topic.  We also brainstormed possible concepts that could be studied in relation to dinosaurs, and we came up with ideas such as evolution and change.  Cool huh?

Finally, have a look at some of the words below. Concepts are listed on the left, whereas topics are listed on the right. Keep an eye out for more big ideas and ask your teachers what key concepts you will be learning about this year!

concepts vs topics

Image credit: IBO MYP Language and Literature Guide (Next Chapter)