Paper 1: Textual analysis (SL) information and outline

I have cut and paste the information relevant to this assessment from the DP Language A: language and literature guide.  The full guide is available in the class share folder on Google docs.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Weighting: 25%

Paper 1 contains two previously unseen passages from non-literary texts for analysis, of which you select one. You are to write an analysis of one of the texts, including comments on the significance of any possible contexts, audience, purpose and the use of linguistic and literary devices.

In addition, two guiding questions are provided, encouraging you to focus your response on aspects of the passage. A passage for analysis may either be a complete piece of writing or visual text, or an extract from a longer piece. The texts for analysis are not necessarily related to specific parts of the syllabus. Different non-literary text types are included, for example:

 – advertisement
– opinion column
– extract from an essay
– electronic text (such as social network sites, blogs)
– brochure (such as a public information leaflet)
– extract from a memoir, diary or other autobiographical text

You will be required to analyse and comment on the text in the light of their understanding of its possible audience and purpose. In order to achieve this, you need to analyse structure, language and style in addition to aspects such as text type, context, bias and/or ideological position.

There are many acceptable ways of approaching the analysis of a text. Regardless of the approach taken the analysis should be continuous and structured, and should include relevant examples from the text. Rather than simply listing formal aspects, students should focus on how such aspects are used to create particular effects, the recognition of which may contribute to a reading of the passage.

The paper is assessed according to the assessment criteria published in this guide. The maximum mark for paper 1 is 20.

This information is taken from the Language A: language and literature guide (for first examinations in 2013), available at: