Monday 18 Jan snow day e-Learning


Good morning everyone and happy snow day! I hope you have a productive day learning at home under a warm blanket or kotatsu!  Please see the following descriptions for assigned e-Learning.

8A Extended Homeroom (P1)

Looking at the guidelines and examples, write a reflection that summarises your development as a learner in all of semester 1. The reflection should be written in a Google doc (that is editable by me), be no more than 950 characters (please do a word count), and linked to this document.

8B English (P2)

We were planning to start preparing for a new assessment today, which will be difficult from home. Instead, spend some time reading your DEAR book independently. We will look at the next assessment tomorrow. (Optional: you could also review your notes to revise everything we have learned about poetry in this unit.)

9D English (P3 and P4)

I have checked your Anya’s Ghost analytical essays and given you feedback via Google Docs (reflection and feedback document) and Veracross. Please access my feedback, read and consider it, then start drafting your final copy. It is due by 9am this Friday.

8A Tutor (P8)

Today we set time aside for your showcase portfolios. Only one week and a half until SLCs so get moving! Also, please check the sign up sheet with your parents to confirm whether the time is okay. If not, please email me!