Unit 1 – Further oral activity (FOA) stereotypes in advertising ‘playlist’

Here is a suggested framework for completing this activity.

1. Choose a primary source (an actual piece of text to be studied – in this case an advertisement) that is rich and relevant to the topic (stereotypes – does it reinforce or challenge them?).  It could relate to gender, ethnic, religious, social or other stereotypes.

2. Analyse the source using the ‘Big 5’ and persuasive techniques in advertisement resources, found in the class Google share folder.

3. Think about the best form for your presentation – persuasive speech, informal oral presentation or create skit/campaign pitch?  Watch the following to get some ideas:

4. After completing this initial work, fill out the Google doc ‘FOA Proposal

5. Get to work analysing, compiling, writing and practising your speech.

6.  Present!  (Due Thurs 14 November)