Further oral activity preparation (Part 1 – language and cultural context)

Here is a suggested framework for completing this activity.

1. Choose a primary source (an actual piece of text to be studied) that is rich and relevant to the topic (language and power or language and identity/social relations – CULTURE AND CONTEXT).

2. Analyse the source using the ‘Big 5′.  (This will be the ‘content’ of your presentation.)

3. Think about the best form for your presentation – persuasive speech, informal oral presentation, creative skit, or something else? Watch the following to get some ideas (these relate to part 2 of the course, but they do give us some ideas about the difference between ‘form’ and ‘content’):

* Chocolate biscuits (speech)
* Killing Us Softly (presentation)
* Mad Men – ‘The Carousel’ (campaign pitch)

There are also ideas in the FOA resources in the Google doc folder.

4. After completing this initial work, fill out the Google doc ‘FOA Proposal’ in the class share folder.  Get feedback from your teacher and peers.

5. Get to work analysing, compiling, writing and practising your speech.

6. Present! (Due Mon 18 November)  Remember you also need to fill out a reflection after your presentation.