Holiday reading… NPR and Goodread’s ‘Best Books of 2013’

NPR has released its list of the best books of 2013 – check it out for all your holiday reading!  On my list was one of my favourite books that I read this year – ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood.

Science-fiction is my favourite genre, and Goodreads has also released their ‘best of’ for the year.  Check it out here.

Anything on this list that you are keen to read?  Let me know!

Reading Journals

Reading journals contain short responses to stories you are reading at the moment.  They are a great way to develop a variety of reading skills.

• To help you capture your developing responses as a reader
• To help you understand what you are reading
• To show how you are improving as a reader

What you could write about (pick one or two per entry):
Speculations about how the story might develop (what will happen next?)
Accounts of things that have happened to you that you are reminded of by events in the book
Reflections on things in the book that really strike you
Reactions to characters and what they do
Comments on how the author is telling the story
Connections to other books, films, plays or poems that you have read
Questions you think of as you are reading
Inferences about the underlying messages of the text
Identification of the author’s purpose, important details, main ideas and themes
Evaluations and opinions about the text

When you could write a response:
• At the beginning of a book
• As you are reading
• After an interesting part of a story
• At the end of a book (definitely!)