Unit 3 – The Magazine Brand

Everywhere you go, chances are you will see magazines on sale, or at least someone reading one. In this unit, we will explore the magazine as a whole and many of the text types contained within (such as the editorial, feature article, advertising). We will see how magazines such as Time, The New Yorker, The Economist and others engage particular audiences about global issues but do so in a way that preserves a particular point of view or ‘brand’. We will critically read Time together as a class before breaking up into smaller groups to investigate different magazines. We will practise skills of close analysis, essay writing, oral presentation and creative writing.


Session 1 – The Cover Page
What better place to begin a unit on magazines that with cover pages? We will begin by reading the cover of Time magazine and producing cover pages of our own!

Session 2 –



  • Task 6 – Unseen text analysis essay (exam)
  • Task 7 – Oral presentation
  • Task 8 – Creative written task (for a particular magazine)