Unit 4 – Perspectives on the Past

In this unit, we will learn about the subjective nature of history. We will examine a number of case studies from ancient, medieval and modern history, learning about primary and secondary historical evidence. Then, we will apply ourselves to an investigation of personal history.


Session 1 – The Story of the Past
In this first lesson, we will define the subject of history and its two major tools of investigation: primary and secondary sources. We will also discuss the nature of ‘truth’ and the role perspective has in influencing our views on major historical events.

Session 2 – Private Rawling’s Death – A historical source investigation
Today we become WWI historians! We have been hired to find out how and why someone’s relative, who fell on a battlefield in WWI, was killed. Through this activity, we will learn about the subjective nature of history and learn important lessons for evaluating sources using the OPVL method.

Session 3 – The Ancient World


Session 4 – The Medieval World


Session 5 – The Early Modern World


Session 6 – Perspectives on the Past
In this session, we will complete our final research task. We will frequently return here throughout the course of the unit.