Getting to know each other…

Ms Hutton…

  • teaching and learning
  • anything creative and visual – Visual Arts, Drama, writing, reading
  • Genius Hour – I love inquiry
  • maths – making connection and solving problems

Outside of school…

  • gardening
  • cooking
  • animals
  • nature
  • being with friends
  • learning Japanese (at the moment)

Our Rights and Responsibilities

Today we discussed our rights and responsibilities in our learning environment …  Here’s what we came up with.





Therefore our RESPONSIBILITY is…
To learn ®       Bring equipment, attend school, get the work done, try your best
To have a fair share ®       Ensure other get a fair share, give back, equality
To speak ®       Let other speak, listen, raise your hand, think before you speak
To be listened to ®       Listen to others, be respectful
To work together ®       Be fair, include others, stay on task, have fun be positive
To have fun ®       Let others have fun, be positive, know the limits, have a fun attitude
To be healthy ®       Have healthy snacks, diet (brain food), stay hydrated, exercise, be positive, stay balanced, relax,
To drink water ®       Bring your bottle
To ask questions ®       Think, raise your hand, share ideas, think clearly, speak in turn, minimise interruptions, ask appropriate questions, take a risk
to express our feeling, thoughts and opinions ®       Respect others, be confident and have courage, value others,
To be comfortable ®       Use couch, cushions and gym balls safely, keep out room clean, share