Getting to know each other…

Ms Hutton…

  • teaching and learning
  • anything creative and visual – Visual Arts, Drama, writing, reading
  • Genius Hour – I love inquiry
  • maths – making connection and solving problems

Outside of school…

  • gardening
  • cooking
  • animals
  • nature
  • being with friends
  • learning Japanese (at the moment)

18 thoughts on “Getting to know each other…

  1. Haruki

    I like learning in school because learning makes your brain smart and good education.

    What I like to do outside of school is playing with my friends because its not fun being in my house lying down.

  2. Billy

    I like teaching and learning because when your teaching you might learn new thing also I like learning because learning makes good education.

    I like being with my friends because being by your self is boring

  3. Taiyo

    I love art time because when you are so frustrated you can draw it out so you can refresh your self.

    I usually do games or video games or basket ball out the school.

  4. Sean

    I like learning in school because we get to have awesome and enjoyable education for our brains. The second reason why I like learning in school is because its better than staying home and doing nothing.

    What I like about staying outside is that we get to play with our friends and also have some rest tie for our brains.

  5. I like learning because it will make you’r life easier when you grow up.

    What I like to do outside of school is to sleep on the sofa wile looking at T.V.

  6. Oliver Harrison

    I am intres learning because then ill get better at school and things and i also i’m interested in Art because its fun to draw and paint. =D

    Outside of School

    I am interested in games and some sports! =D


    I like math. Math is good for braking time and it is also fun. It is also challenging. I also like art because art can get my stress out when I am mad. But if I failed at my art work it there will be more stress.

    I like to play pokemon go with my brother or with my friends after school near the park. I also like to play basket ball with my brothers friends at YCAC.

  8. Elsie…
    I like reading long long chapter books because they are hard and I like to do hard things and they are very interesting. I also like playing with my friends because it takes my mind of things and it is fun to be with my friends.

    What I like to do outside of the school is that to draw it is fun to draw because it shows what you like or how you feel.

  9. Phebe…


    Out of school…


  10. Julia

    What I like to do at school is

    What I like to do at Home

  11. Harumi

    I like doing PE because it makes me feels good when i do sport especially
    when i do some gymnastics. other things….i like to do math, PE, art,and musics.
    what i like doing out side of the school to listen some music, and play with my friends.
    when i listen to music, it makes me calm down and it helps me blew away the bad things and really makes me feel comfortable. and playing with friends makes me feel fun.
    other things to do ….
    watch tv,make something, play with my dog/cat ,and doing gymnastics.

  12. Maya…
    • Drama

    Outside of School…
    • Reading
    • Drawing
    • playing hockey with my brother
    •Baking with my mom
    •Bike riding with my family on the weekends
    • tree climbing

  13. Kaira

    DEAR and reading

    Outside of school
    being in fresh air
    having fun with friends and family
    Enjoy nature

  14. Catherine

    Interests in school

    Interests outside of school
    Watching YouTube
    Walking my dog
    Playing with my brother

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