The Significant Events Road’

It was so nice to walk into the class on Monday morning and have that comfortable feeling of knowing each other and getting on with business.

In Maths we looked at the elements of a graph and talked about the importance of accuracy when constructing them.  We were busy collecting data to form bar, column and pictographs. We had a whole lot of noisy fun with dice!  We also had Mr. Matt visit our class to talk through some methods of calculating 2 digit numbers.  We came up with so many ways!

In English our mini lesson was ‘The Significant Events Road’.  Our planning required us to draw a road and signpost the significant events along the way.  These might include meeting a new friend, gaining a younger sibling, falling over etc.  This is a simple strategy to inspire our writing.  We also used the theme ‘uglyness’ (to coincide with the idea of conflict). I’m interested to read how the students reconciled the conflict within their writing to create a positive outcome.

One of our learning engagements in UOI was to create art based on Hokusai’ The Great Wave.  We had discussion and used a Google doc to post our thoughts about how we saw conflict within the original artwork.    The goal was to incorporate conflict within.  This was difficult as we often want our art to look ‘nice’.  Our art will be on display outside our classroom.

IMG_0467 IMG_0468 IMG_0481 IMG_0511 IMG_0520IMG_0516

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