Getting organised for the year ahead

Back to School Night

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it the other night.  It was really great to meet you.

Getting organised:

In week 1 we spent some time discussing our rights and responsibilities in a learning environment.  This week we consolidated some of these ideas into our class essential agreements.  Alongside YIS’ School Wide Values, we have come up with the following to ensure our class runs smoothly, that we learn to the best of our ability in an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable.

  • To learn and extend ourselves as thinkers
  • To have fun (know the boundaries)
  • To be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude
  • To participate fully
  • To listen to others and be respectful
  • To be safe and make good choices
  • To respect our classroom and others as a learning environment

In Maths

We continued to learn about graphing and data handling.  We made some little monsters with various number of eyes (image below).  These formed data for graphing in numerous ways.  We sat in a circle on the floor to form a human pie graph and then successfully formed pie graphs in written and digital form.  Some of us could even work out the percentage of each section of the pie graph.


Language… Flashlight Friday

What a fun way to read a book!


Yamashita Park

What a brilliant day.  Thanks to Liam Claydon for some excellent team building games.  Thanks to all the kids for their participation and great attitudes.



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