UOI – Anti-bullying workshop / Visual Arts

Visual Arts News

  • Reed is posting daily photos & brief descriptions of the day’s visual art focus to his art class Instagram account.
  • His Instagram username is: mr_aaron_reed
  • Reed will also continue to do end-of-unit blogposts with descriptive overviews & photos of the children at work and of their artwork. Also check the local & online art resources (for both parents and students) which are available on this site.
  • Link here: http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/reeda/

From the classroom…

Our work inspired by Hokusai has come down and been replaced by “A Bad Hair Day”.  Come up and have look.



  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Onomatopoeia challenge – it was great to see studnets recognising onomatopoeia in our class books.  Thanks for sharing Goki and Taiyo.
  • Word of the week – resilience
  • Spelling practice – tic tac toe

UOI – Anti-bullying workshop

Some things we learnt or were reminded of:

Bullying is…

  • A repeated behaviour
  • Meant to cause fear, upset or harm
  • Physical, verbal & mental
  • By someone or a group stronger and more powerful
  • Against someone weaker and less powerful

We talked about the catastrophe scale and the emotional thermometer and how these are useful when dealing with conflict and our emotions.

Circle Time discussions

  • Is it ok to have a disagreement?
  • Making the right choices.


In data handling we moved on to mean, median, mode and range this week.  This can be confusing for some students so we used the flowing nursery rhyme as a way of remembering.

Some children were up for a some more challenging work and so the work was differentiated accordingly.

Students reflected on the effort (and achievement) they put into their learning.

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