Genius Hour – Where Passions come alive


Genius Hour – Where Passions come alive

Each week we have approximately an hour dedicated for student personal inquiry through Genius Hour.  Genius Hour is time given during the school day to allow students to follow their passions and learn about topics that interest them concluding with a presentation of their learning. Sometime action!


Our first step was to develop an essential question.  One that can’t be answered simply through ‘googling” it.

Some of our genius ideas include…

  • How can you build a house in space?
  • How are gaming characters created?
  • How are we able to understand the code in video games?
  • What is the science behind a chain reaction?
  • How can we draw realistically?
  • Ho do you convince people to buy from animal shelters instead of pet shops?

You might see evidence of these ideas in the photos below.

Of course the question is just the starting point.  Sometimes as the kids get into their inquiry they realise that it might not have been the best question.  Sometimes they begin and their inquiry takes them in a whole new direction.

The first inquiry has been absolute free choice.  Any passion, any project!

The inquiries for the remainder of the year need to be in line with our units.  The students will need to make connections to the central idea or lines of inquiry or key concepts.  It still gives heaps of scope.  They just need to be creative and clever and be able to articulate their connection.  This is going to be great practice leading up to our exhibition.

Last week during Genius Hour I thought out loud, “wow, everyone is so engaged”.  The response from a nearby student… “yes, that’s because we love it so much”.  


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One thought on “Genius Hour – Where Passions come alive

  1. I find it so interesting that when, not only children, but adults as well, start questioning things in one direction and it takes them to a totally different place when discussing out loud with other people .


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