Nigata Camp

Hi All,

We are having a wonderful time here at Nigata.  We certainly have very beautiful scenery to look at.

We have been keeping ourselves very busy which means we also sleep very well.  Some of the activities…

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Nighttime documentary- Art in nature
  • Creating art in nature
  • Kayaking
  • A hike in the rain
  • Indoor rock (wall) climbing
  • Indoor team games
  • A dance party

This morning’s electives :

  • Craft
  • Field games
  • Bug catching

And the most exciting is all… time in rooms

The kids are responsible for keeping a tidy and organized room. Also for maintaining the camp facility by vacuuming, cleaning windows, cleaning sinks, organizing shoes. They have helped in the kitchen to organize some really lovely meals.  For any of you that do not see evidence of this at home… well… we know they can do it, we have photographic evidence!!!!

At night time, before or after bathing, the teams meet to talk through their days. They reflected using the following categories:

  • Courageous acts
  • Acts of kindness
  • Personal failures

So all is well.

We will enjoy our final night but I’m sure the kids will very much love seeing you all tomorrow afternoon and sleep in their own beds tomorrow night.


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Where We Are in Place and Time Tuning In / A Read in the Park

What a wonderful and busy week.


We had a new student begin in our class. Welcome Kenzo. It is very nice to have you as part of our team.

We were busy tidying up loose ends from our first unit on Peace and Conflict Resolution and moving onto our new unit…

Where We Are in Place and Time
Central Idea – People’s understanding of science has evolved over time, and shapes the future.
Lines of Inquiry:
• Scientific ideas that have changed the way people live
• How people have taken previous scientific understanding and built upon it
• Areas of future discoveries and technological advances
Key Concepts: change, reflection

We were busy tuning in
We talked through the process of planning…
• Brainstorming ideas
• Deciding
• Creating
• Presenting

It was loud and busy and fun…

With only a polystyrene tray, the students had 30 minutes to invent something. Some students chose to work in teams which created more ‘time’ so to speak.  Everyone was enaged and successful in coming up with something pretty creative.  You can see the results below.

photos the students have access to many of the photos I take on their drive.


We were also very busy preparing for the 3 way conferences. They have worked hard and selected some key points and goals they wish to share with us. I am sure we will all take delight in listening to these young learners on Monday.


We finished the week with a lovely read in the park opposite the school. Well, after a little time selecting the best spot, then there was a bit of reading. Beautiful photos below.

img_1355 img_1354 img_1353