Expository Writing

How nice it is to walk into class on a sunny morning! No complaints from me 🙂 



Food fair HERE kids, as promised.

This week…

UOI – developing a central idea for our group inquiry Is not easy, but we came up with what we think was pretty good.

img_2098 img_2099 img_2101

Language – this unit we are looking at expository writing. This is a factual text that often requires research, so we brainstormed not only what we know about this text type but non-fiction text features in general.

We have been learning about the various features of explanation writing including:

  • Kid friendly websites
  • Introductions to explanations
  • Action verbs
  • Topic specific vocabulary

Also in Language – Genre – from horror (inspired by Halloween) to biography.  We’ve been reading from a great series of books titled ‘Who Was’


Maths – we logged into Mathletics for the first time to review data handling



Catch you all on Sunday.  can’t wait.  




2 thoughts on “Expository Writing

  1. Well it certainly is nice to walk anywhere when the sun is out, especially a classroom. I wish everybody luck,with the food fair on Sunday. Hope the sun is shining then! Have fun.


  2. Hi 5H,
    Thinking about big understandings is challenging but a great way to be creative in our learning about something.
    What are some of the central ideas that you worked on during class?
    Ms. Catasti

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