UOI – Group Inquiries

The week in 5H seemed to go very quickly.  It doesn’t seem like Friday at all?

Food Fair – thank to all the kids that were able to help out.  We were all very proud of their efforts.

UOI – we continued our group inquiries based on the central ideas we developed last week.  The students are using a template to develop connections to key concepts, pose questions and come up with key words for research (see below).  Most groups are up to the ‘finding out’ aspect of the inquiry cycle.  This is excellent preparation for the exhibition later in the year.

Ms Catasti popped I to help us ‘tweak’ our central ideas…

  • Sources of power revolutionises the way people live
  • Electronics have impacted on people’s lives in many ways
  • Entertainment has led to new ideas and discoveries which impacts on people’s lives
  • Transportation has changed the way people live and has connected the world
  • Sailing has developed over time for various purposes and needs
  • Writing has evolved to printing which impacts on the world
  • Photography and television has changed human living

Usually I produce anchor charts to assist student learning. Anchor charts are a great way to make thinking visible – record strategies, processes, cues, guidelines and other content during the learning process.

Maths – This week as we began our unit on space and shape, the children worked together to construct anchor charts 

  • 2D shapes (types and names)
  • 3D shapes (types and names)
  • 2D shapes (attributes)
  • 3D shapes (attributes)
  • Geometric vocabulary
  • Quadrilaterals

Part of the job was to become the expert to be able to teach others.

img_2165 img_2167img_2166 img_2169img_2164img_2168

2 thoughts on “UOI – Group Inquiries

  1. It looks like you guys are in for really interesting subjects to look into this year. How exciting.
    Congrats on all the help you all did with the food fair!


  2. Kenzo Waldemar

    This weeks maths was very fun and pretty easy for me. I really liked making the concentric circle and the paper cuboid shape. But my favourite was making the marshmallow pentagonal prism. When I made the concentric circle I made double the amount of circles of the most of the others made so it was very challenging and fun. I really enjoyed this week at maths.

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