2D and 3D Shape

Maths learning outcome – Use 2D representations of 3D objects to visualise and solve problems, for example using drawings or models.

Last week we were learning about and trying to draw 2D shape with absolute accuracy.  Sounds easy enough!  

This week we have been super busy looking at and constructing 3D shapes.  


We began by using toothpicks and marshmallows.  The students could create any 3D shape they wanted.  The first step was to find out the attributes of their chosen shape… faces, edges and vertices.  Now the more vertices (corners) the shape has, the more marshmallows you get! Clever!  

Well, some shapes, as Harumi found out when attempting to create a dodecahedron was that  these materials did not make for a stable shape.  So she tried the same thing with modelling clay.  A bit better, but still not absolute success.  So… did she get to eat the marshmallows?  Of course!  Sometimes it’s all about the effort!


We also created shapes form nets.  This time the shape was allocated.  Some shapes were easier than others.  I’m sure Athul will always remember what a icosahedron is as will Goki remember the name and attributes of octahedron.


Our next challenge was to attempt to draw 3D shape from unifix cubes and show the side, front and top view.  To be successful we needed to make sure the vertical and horizontal lines were perfectly parallel and the angles were all the same. Here’s how Elsie managed the task.  Catherine incorporated a ‘testing area’ at the top of her work. This was a great way to show her progress.

img_2271 img_2272

Last week’s homework challenge was to explore the relationship between maths and art (amongst various other topics).

So this week in maths we also did a quick collage inspired by artist Wassily Kandinsky’s concentric circles.  Kenzo measured his circles to make very even and regular layering of circles, Julia, like me, preferred the more relaxed, irregular shape based on the circle.  


Phebe expressed that our room is looking ‘very mathematical’ at the moment.  Feel free to pop in and have your child show you what we’ve been up to.

19 thoughts on “2D and 3D Shape

  1. It was really hard to make the shape with marshmallows because marshmallows where soft and not stable but I still did it although it keep on leaning to one side. It was fun making the concentric circles.

  2. I felt like making the marshmallow shapes was really hard because some people had very hard shapes but some had easy.
    I success i making the concentric circles because i was the second one to finish. I also felt like like making those 3D shapes with paper

  3. Making shapes with marshmallows was fun but hard. The hard part was that marshmallows falls down when the shape doesn’t have a good balance. The fun part was that we got to eat when we where done.

  4. We in class made a red 3A poster about a shape Miss Hutton gave us. Some of us had the same shape some of us did not, we also had similar shapes. We had to write how much Vertices, Edges & Faces the shape had. We had to make the shape as well and someone had a dodecahedron so i’m guessing who ever had that but of had lots of fun with making it!

  5. This week’s maths were really fun! I enjoyed working with marshmallows. I did a square pyramid for the marshmallows and toothpicks. Also for the paper shapes I did a hexagonal prism and thought it was easy and cool to turn the paper into a shape. I made a concentric circle too. It stands out among the other ones because it is not that good.

  6. Kazumi
    This weeks math was really hard for me and other people too. Well some people. Our math this week was about shapes. Only 2d and 3d shapes. We drew a lot of shapes shapes. I am really bad at drawing shapes so its was really hard. We also made a 3d hollow shape by tooth picks and marshmallows. It was also fun to make 3D shapes. We made 3D shapes by paper. The paper had black lines so we can build them. My favorite was making the 3D shapes by paper because I am not good at drawing shapes as I said but building 3D shapes was still hard but I think that it is easier then drawing shapes. I didn’t like the 3D shapes that we make by marshmallows because when you are done Ms Hutton said to put your work on the carpet so when I put on the carpet every one stepped on it by accident. Even I did. So I didn’t really like the marshmallows. Still I had some horrible things during this but it was really addicting and fun.

  7. This week I worked very hard to finish all of the math projects we were doing, I chose a pyramid as the marsh-mallow and Popsicle stick shape. The pyramid has 5 faces, 8 edges and 5 vertices. The shape I made out of the net was an octahedron, an octahedron has 8 faces, 12 edges and 6 vertices. I also made a concentric circle. I thought that these projects helped me understand geometric shapes better because, I got to make the shape and hold it so that I cold see the properties of the shape, I it it was very motivating to use marsh-mallows to create the shapes and I think it was very artistic/geometric to make the concentric circles.
    Overall I really enjoyed this week!

  8. I thought that math this week was fun and different to other math because we usually use paper and pencil and solve math problems but this week we made a model of shapes with marshmallo, stick and ect. But it was every hard. At the end we get to eat the marshmallo.

  9. I loved doing the marshmallow thing where I made a hexagonal prism. It wasn’t so difficult because once I made the base it was easy to create the upper layer. The next part where I had to create an Icosahedron was extremely difficult because it was hard to stick on bit on to another towards the ending with no solid surface. Anyway it was very fun

  10. This week we have been very busy during math but it was not just plain math it was FUN! math.
    Maths learning outcome –
    On the first math activity with the marshmallows and the tooth picks I chose the square based pyramid witch has 5 faces 8 edges and 5 corners (the example miss hutton gave is actually mine). For the shape project I got assigned a dodecahedron. The dodecahedron was hard to cut out especially because it had 12 pentagons ! It was fun to ensemble the dodecahedron because I liked the steps it formed before the final product.
    I also liked the concentric circles because as miss hutton said in the comments I like irregular circles and it is very colorful.
    I really liked this week and I want to do this again.

  11. It was really hard to make a 3D shapes with marshmallow because it was too little and too soft and the shapes that I was making was too hard. I think I should’ve do more easier shapes,But from that I learned the name of the shapes and definition and Properties
    i think its a good way to learn because having fun on work is the easiest way to learn for kids and also for adults.

  12. This week we learned a lot about 3D shapes and 2D shapes. We studied how to write the shapes and how many corners, faces, and edges they have. We also studied about the nets of the shapes.

  13. I really liked trying to figure out how to make it stable and I used my super times tables skills and division skills and divide the tooth picks to stabilize my shape.I also remember eating the marshmallows and thinking “that was totally worth it!”. I also really liked making the concentric circles because it was fun to try and find the beauty in each circle.

  14. I acually thought vertices are lines and edges were but it was the corners and edges were the lines. Did you ever know a shape called heptagon? I did not know any shape called heptagon. Because I didn’t know Heptagon I made a heptagonal prism with marshmallows and sticks. Next time I will make a Hexagonal prism.

  15. I think the easiest was the marshmallow shape making because I tried this kind of thing before in my old school and I finished pretty early. I think the hard part about the marshmallow shape making was when the marshmallows were not stable. It was really fun because we got to eat the marshmallows after we made the shape with the toothpicks.

  16. Math was hard because we had to make difficult shapes with marshmallow and picks.
    we also had to create 3D-Shapes and with paper and also right the vertices, edges, sides
    it was fun learning about shapes.

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