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❄️ ❄️ ❄️   What perfectly snowy weather we had.  ❄️ ❄️ ❄️










Unit of Inquiry

This week we culminated our unit on Inventions. The photos below show the students presenting their summative assessment task to the other grade 5 students.

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We also transitioned into our new unit on Science.  You can see from the lines of inquiry below that it has a strong emphasis on energy.  This week we have been tuning in by developing topic related vocabulary, looking at the central idea through the lens of the word ‘experiment’ and engaging in some fun group challenges. Ask the children about the egg tower and the marshmallow challenge.

img_2448 img_2450 img_2451


The winners… Harumi and Clara.  

(winning design in the background)

Central Idea: People’s understanding of science has evolved over time, and shapes the future.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The forms of energy (form)
  • How energy works in everyday life (function)
  • The importance of energy sources and its uses (reflection)



Our thinking skill focus for this unit is Bloom’s Taxonomy.  We will be analyzing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures, and principles, (not just remembering facts) which higher forms of thinking.abed8fccb5310a4206eaeb06dc4f2848

  • Remember
  • Understand
  • Apply
  • Analyse
  • Evaluate
  • Create

This coincides very well with group challenges, Science experiments and the scientific method (process) that we will conduct over the 6 weeks of the unit.


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