Negative Number Inquiry

In Maths this week…

We were working on number properties. There was a strong focus on decimals

  • comparing numbers
  • place value
  • rounding decimals
  • ordering decimals
  • placing decimals on a number line

In collaboration with Mr Matt, we explored negative numbers. We know that addition has commutative properties (being able to move the numbers in a sum around and get the same result e.g. 4 + 2 =6 / 2 + 4 = 6) however, when dealing with subtraction that produces negative numbers, the principle does not apply e.g. 4 – 6 = -2 / 6 – 4 = 2

We talked about where we might see negative numbers in ‘the real world‘…

  • in maths (of course)
  • currency
  • the Stockmarket
  • temperature
  • freezers
  • discounts in sales
  • coordinates underground (such as a mine) below sea level
  • elevators / buildings

Maybe you have some other ideas that you can share with your child.

Next week we move on to understands the procedures for finding perimeter and area.


Photos above…

  1. Stop light formative assessment – used to determine students’ level of understanding.  You can see with our work on negative numbers, most students felt confident enough to teach others!  Fantastic.
  2. Mr Matt’s amazing record of our mathematical thinking.


Grade 5 Service (see student comments)

As part of Grade 5 Service, we headed over to the cemetery. We had lots of fun doing the service and we cleaned a few graves. We filled all our bags and it was a great job, we all worked together and we did not have any conflict.  We were happy to help the community so that people can come and visit and see it as clean. Everyone did a great job and we cleaned very much and we were all happy about the job . It was lots of fun.

Written by Lazare.

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10 thoughts on “Negative Number Inquiry

  1. It was really fun when we went to the cemetery!
    I liked it because it was pretty dirty when we came there. It was like a game changing the cemetery in a better place.
    And we also so got to see graveyards of famous people people we know and when they were alive till so it was interesting.

  2. We cleaned a part of the cemetery by taking out of the weeds and cleaning out the leafs and we also cleaned the grave stones we found some strange shaped bricks and we found a ribbon and merry christmas was on it. It was really fun cleaning the cemetery. But I think if we have more time we can make a bigger difference.

  3. It was really fun to clean the cemetery and its bit weird to say it was fun but i really enjoyed cleaning them,
    it was also fun to see like where the person came from and if it was a person that we know, we can learn by that.
    i think we should go like once a week to the cemetery because kids enjoyed cleaning it and the person who is in the grave will be happy thought.
    it was really interesting and i loved cleaning the cemetery!!!

  4. i thought that our survice was great because we helped the cemetery by cleaning it and making the people who have relatives that have been buried there happy . I worked with Phebe and Catherine, it was so fun. one time Otto and me were cleaning a grave when we fell into a mystery! it was very strange, also Phebe Catherine and I started to clean all the plants that fell from some grave and helped them, one time Phebe liked this grave so much she cleaned it a lot. I really hope that the people appreciate what we did! We can make a difference by cleaning the more and cooperating with others to share the bags for leaves and weeds and last but not least cleaning things that you might not think you need to clean.

  5. We can make a difference!
    We cleaned up the cemetery because there is alot of people going there but nobody cleans up.
    As part of learning we clean up the cemetery once a month. We take out weeds and pamper up each grave. We clean up the leaves and take out extra soil. It was really fun to clean up and I want to go more often. I want to take action and go there myself to make a bigger affect.
    I think if we all put a part inside the cleaning
    We will make a difference!

  6. This week we went to the cemetery, we cleaned up the graves/tombs and the pathways, we filled up ten bags but we could have done more! We all tried to share the equipment but sometimes it was a little bit tricky because there weren’t so many brooms, rakes or trash-bags. Over all I really enjoyed the service!
    Q: Can we make a difference?
    A: I think we can make a difference because, we worked very hard to clean it out for one hour… but if we got longer then we could probably do better. I think that we all tried very hard and that if we had more trash bags it would be better!

  7. I thought helping the cemetery and cleaning up the graveyards were very helpful for the people who work there, and so, they really appreciated it. The first-grade who cleaned the cemetery was 5S, and next we were up. It was really hard to get out the weeds, but getting the leaves out were very fun. There was this one place where it had a ton of leaves, so Lazare and I had to clean it. After working hard and filling up the trash bags, we realized that all of the bags were full. That showed us that we worked really hard to clean this cemetery and we were very helpful. Next time when we go again to the cemetery I wish we could bring more bags, because the first time when we cleaned the cemetery, our bags were full in about 1 hour.

  8. I thought cemetery service was actually really fun. I worked with my Kaira and Phebe to clean the the grave stones and weed. One of the graves we were working on had rocks and was really hard to weed. I felt that I done a really good deed and I was helping other people enjoy the cemetery. By the end of the day I looked around and we made a really big difference. The gravestones that had weeds all over them, now only have barley any weeds. We worked really hard to make it look nice. We made it so people can enjoy coming to the cemetery. And yes we can make a difference, just in those 45 minutes we made the part that we did look really nice. We didn’t have sponges or anything we had gloves, brooms and rakes, so most of the weeding we did with our hands. Our gloves got really dirty but it was worth it.

  9. it was fun working together and cooperating with the class to help the local community and I felt good. I learned that you can help the community by just doing small things like sweeping the graveyard witch is what we did. It was very fun sweeping and finding plants spilled on the ground and repairing it. It was also fun because we were all together and ww came up with systems and job orders. we were like a machine! It was also kinda interesting to see all the peoples graves and learning about there lives but it was also quite sad to see how young some people passed away at.

  10. Kazumi
    I think that we can change because the first time we went I think that we changed a lot of things. We cleaned up 5 garbage bag all stuffed with leaves and weeds. Also wed are going with 20 people so I the grave yard will be cleaned better than now. I had really fun in the grave yard to. I think every one had fun. If you have fun you want to do more and you really get into it. People don’t usually use brooms so we used the brooms affectedly and that fun so i think a lot of the leafs got cleaned up. In 5H we only go to the grave yard only one time in one month so it will be really dirty again when we go back but, the cleaning person/the cemetery owner will do there best to cleanup so when 5 grade ends for us I bet that its gonna be clean. Overall it was really fun to clean the cemetery.

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