Getting into the SPIRIT of things!


Thank you to Billy’s mum for this amazing wreath with all our names on it. It started a festive appearance to our classroom.

A very big thank you to everyone who had input into our Winter party.  We had such a fun time and we were able to eat some delicious food.  I am very grateful for the gift and card that I received, thank you.  It has been a wonderful semester with some pretty fabulous kids.  They make me smile every day and it is a delight to work with them. I look forward to each new day in our classroom.

Here are a few pictures of some Drama fun we had in class this week. We had quick skits, comedy acts, gymnastics demo, an ice skating lesson, a dance number and even a science trick!  SEE CLIP


Many of us got into the spirit of things this week…. weren’t we cute!!!






Sled race                                                       Rockin Around the Christmas Tree


Snowman Scurry                                         Twinkle All the Way





Have a wonderful break everyone.



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